Increase the power of your charitable giving with Missouri's Champion for Children Tax Credit. Donors who give $100 or more to 37th Judicial CASA may apply for the credit, which can be claimed in an amount equal to 50% of the contribution. This incentive for greater philanthropy goes above and beyond just saving money through charitable deductions. See the chart below to find out how much your gift could be maximized through the tax credit.

Carry-forward rule: Any amount of tax credit which exceeds the tax due or which is applied for and otherwise eligible for issuance but is not issued may be carried forward to the next four (4) subsequent taxable years.

Please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue, Tax Bureau with general questions.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (573) 526-8733 (for individual tax)
             (573) 751-4541 (for business tax)

Tax preparers with specific questions: Please call 37th Judicial CASA at (417) 255-2100 and we will connect you with a Champion for Children Tax Credit expert within the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Examples of Donor Savings at Various Gift Levels

*The donor’s out of pocket costs change depending on the income tax bracket of the donor. Consult a tax professional to determine your individual tax liability.

CFC Tax Credit Info Links

Missouri Revised Statute defining Champion for Children Tax Credit
Missouri Department of Revenue CFC Form and Instructions