37th CASA's Wish List

What kinds of things go into delivering advocacy services to children via our well-trained CASA advocacy force? Well, lots of things! Here's what your support could cover.

Gasoline (for Monthly Child Visits)

37th CASA has a unique need when compared to CASA programs in urban and suburban areas. Our service area is the second largest in the State of Missouri, but beyond that, many foster children under the 37th District Court's care are placed in group homes as far away as Kansas City and St. Louis because of a shortage of local foster homes. No matter where a child is sent, he still needs someone to listen to his story. No matter how far away a child is placed, the CASA Effect happens when he sees his advocate every month.  We pay mileage and rent vehicles for our advocates so that they can continue their monthly visits for as many months as it takes until that child's permanency is achieved.

  • Travel Reimbursement to Kansas City child placement from West Plains: $ 200
  • Travel Reimbursement to Springfield child placement from West Plains: $ 85

Study Materials

When a person decides on child advocacy as a personal goal, from the beginning of training to the official swearing-in ceremony, over 30 hours of study and classes are part of that dedication before they become a CASA. After the swearing-in, each Volunteer goes through an additional 12 hours of continuing education in-service each year.

  • Professional Trainer for one New Volunteer Training Class: $ 350
  • One Volunteer Training Manual for study and home reference: $ 30
  • One Online Flex-Training Access Pass for National CASA training participation: $ 15
  • Professional Guest Speaker for one continuing education in-service: $ 1,500

Volunteer Coordinator

Essential to keeping Volunteer support services constant, relevant and qualified, the Volunteer Coordinator ensures smooth communication between the CASA Volunteers and the government agencies involved in service to fostered children. This professional has a license in social work and has vast experience working within the court system. When an advocate is sufficiently supported, she effectively serves children, shortens the burden on the foster care system, and saves taxpayer money.

  • One month of volunteer coordination: $ 2,125